We're on an adventure and we want everyone to be a part of the story...


Jesus, God in human form, came to this world  to take away the sins of man. To be a Christian is  to embrace the forgiveness He offers, and live according to HIS commands. 

And so we strive to:

Love God with everything we have
Love others, making disciples of all nations

People are messed up and that's ok because Jesus can help. And it's our mission to show the world life in Christ and invite them along for the ride.

Our Values

Jesus defined His values in two statements. Love God. Love people.  

We reflect these values as the people of Clear Creek Church. 

Relationships:  With God, with people. We value rich, personal connections and we invite people along on our adventure because life is better together.  
Integrity: We believe living according to God's Word make us whole people. This is the best way to show our love to Him and each other.  
Compassion: We care about people. More than stuff, more than accomplishments.
Hope: We embrace new life in Christ and hope from the Holy spirit. Acting in faith that he will bless and sustain us.
Encouragement: Our mission is to share the incredible news of salvation with everyone! We do this with sweetness to win people for Christ and experience the joy of brotherly love. 
Service: We love to serve, with a sacrificial attitude and irrational generosity.