Donations - Stand with Israel

The Way Congregation and Clear Creek Church are hosting a jam-packed forum exploring the topic: Should Christians Stand with Israel? 
Hear World Class International Speakers
Be Challenged with New Perspectives
Celebrate with Hebraic Music
Participate in Purim Festivities
Deepen Your Faith and Love for God
Hosted by: Clear Creek Church & The Way Congregation
Locale: 10555 W 44th Ave Wheat Ridge, CO 80033
Enjoy Complimentary Lunch! 

You must register for this event at - The event is free with a $30 suggested donation. Attend Via Live Stream or In Person - It will be live streamed and archived - so sign up even if you can't watch it that that week or can't attend in person! A Weekend You Don't Want to Miss!  
Register here:

You can also visit our FB Event page here



5:00-7:00 P.M. Registration/Check-In
7:00-7:20 P.M. Introduction to Conference
7:20-7:35 P.M. Worship
7:35-8:35 P.M. Session 1 William Watson
8:35-8:45 P.M. Q&A
9:00 P.M. Preview of Tomorrow and Dismissal


9:00 A.M. Shofar Blast
9:00-9:25 A.M. Shofar Workshop
9:25-9:50 A.M. Hebrew Dance Workshop
9:50-10:00 A.M. Break
10:00-10:45 The Way Congregation Service
10:55-11:00 A.M. Break

11:00-11:50 A.M. Session 2 David Nekrutman
11:50-12:00 P.M. Q&A

12:00-1:00 P.M. Shabbat Fellowship Luncheon in Gymnasium (Free)
1:00-1:20 P.M. Break

1:20-2:20 P.M. Session 3 Gidon Ariel
2:20-2:30 P.M. Q&A
2:30-3:30 P.M. Session 4 Bob O’Dell
3:30-3:40 P.M. Q&A

3:40-4:30 P.M. Break--Book Tables & Fellowship
4:30-6:00 P.M. Dinner (on your own)

6:00 P.M. Havdalah
6:05-6:25 P.M. Worship
6:25-7:25 P.M. Session 5 Norm Franz
7:25-7:35 P.M. Q&A
7:35-7:40 P.M. Break

7:40-8:40 P.M. Session 6 Panel Discussion
(Doug, Norm, Bob, Stephen & William)
8:40-8:50 P.M. Q&A
8:50 P.M. Preview of Tomorrow and Dismissal
8:50-9:30 P.M. Book Tables & Fellowship


9:15-10:10 A.M. Shofar Workshop 2 & Israeli Dance Workshop 2
10:10-10:30 A.M. Refreshments
10:30-10:50 A.M. Worship
10:50-11:50 A.M. Session 7 Stephen
11:50-12:00 P.M. Q&A
12:00-12:50 Coffee, Book Tables & Fellowship
1:00 P.M. Conference End